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This program is designed to dispatch Japanese individuals in the Southern, Midwestern and Mountain regions of the U.S. for two years as outreach coordinators. Coordinators provide information about Japanese culture, society, everyday life, and language in local community settings and organize activities that foster interactions between Japan and the United States.


Overseas non-profit organizations such as academic institutions from university level upwards or research institutions that are implementing Japanese studies activities.

Eligible Projects:

Projects must fall into any of the following four categories:

(1) Research or conference on Japan; study or training in Japan; or publication that promotes and contributes to the development of Japanese studies;

(2) Inviting scholars or researchers from Japan or third countries to deliver lectures on Japan;

(3) Purchase of books and materials on Japanese studies;

(4) Other relevant projects which would further promote and expand the horizon of Japanese studies.

* Commercial activities, arts and cultural activities, activities in support of specific doctrines or claims, and so forth are not eligible for this program.


Projects must be implemented and completed between April 1, 2024 and March 31, 2025.

Grant Coverage:

Part of the following expenses:

(1) Travel expenses (international airfares and other transportation expenses, daily allowances and accommodation fees);

(2) Honoraria (for lecturers, collaborators, interpreters, etc.);

(3) Meeting expenses (for preparing materials, venues, equipment, public relations, etc.);

(4) Other expenses (for purchasing materials, etc.).

Selection Policy:

(1) Applications will be selected by comprehensively assessing the projects, including its contents, viability, relevance, efficiency, etc. The Japan Foundation also takes into account the regional and national distribution of its funding, and appropriates the distribution if need be.

(2) Lower priority will be given to the projects based on existing partnerships, such as agreements between universities and sister institution relationsh

Application Deadline

Apply through Online Application Portal by 1 PM (Japanese time), December 1, 2023


Notification of Results

April 2024

For further information on the grant program, please see the Program Guidlines of the Japan Foundation below:




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