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General Information

The Japan Foundation owns the countries biggest set of material related to Japanese culture in its Hungarian branch and library. The holdings which now exceeds ten thousand books, is constantly expanding. Its primary purpose is to spread knowledge, but it also offers a number of works necessary for scientific labour and research. The holdings includes a wide range of subjects from the classical Japanese literature, through the presently so popular manga books to the Hungarian secondary literature aboutJapan.

The holdings is made up mostly by Japanese language materials. The rest consists mainly of English books, but a few French, German, etc. and works in other European languages can be found. The library considers its duty to obtain works published inHungarythat are related toJapan. Our aim is to collect and make available the new materials as well as the earlier ones. At the moment there is already a number of rarities in the protected material section.

Most of the books are free to borrow, works not to be lent are available for use in the reading-room.

The library has subscription to one Japanese dailies and Fifteen Japanese and English language papers.

In addition to the literature we own a few hundreds of CDs, a number of video tapes and DVDs, which are to be used on the spot.

Moreover there are internet and photocopy facilities available.




Registration and borrowing books are free, but you will be asked to show a valid ID card, passport or student card.

In case of a change in your personal data we ask you to note our librarians as soon as possible.


With one library card you can borrow four books and eight papers or magazines (previous of the newest number) at a time. Books not to be lent are tagged. Lending is only valid by means of library card, which can not be conferred to another person.

Lending period is three weeks, and the books can be renewed for plus one week via mail ( or by telephone during opening hours on +36 1 214 0775. Members who are not residents of Budapest can borrow for one month at the first place, without the possibility for renewal.